5 - Postscript


April 26, 2011 will not be the end for the suffering as a consequence of the Chernobyl accident. Ironically, it is likely that Chernobyl's public health impacts will be further down-played at the IAEA-sponsored conference in Kiev (20-22 April): “Chernobyl, 25 Years On: Safety for the Future”. This conference is intended to be "a forum for the scrutiny of the disaster mitigation measures implemented after the Cherno-byl disaster, and the examination of how the lessons learned can be used to improve nuclear and radiation safety around the world." 

Due to further downplaying of the health consequences by organizations linked to the nuclear establishment and the fact that the Chernobyl accident will fade away in the public debate and the collective memory, it will be extremely difficult to raise any public awareness on this matter in the future.

Let's make sure that past and future suffering due to Cher-nobyl will not be in vain by making April 26 the international 'phase-out nuclear' day and increase our efforts to end the nuclear age.