Nuclear Monitor #890, 11 March, 2021

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Ten years ago the east coast of Japan was hit by a tsunami. It led to tens of thousands of casualties and destroyed cities and villages. The tsunami also hit the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. In this issue of the Nuclear Monitor we look back at the events, together with staff members of CNIC, the Japanese Citizen’s Nuclear Information Centre.


Fukushima Now, part 1 : Human Time, time of radioactivity.  Yamaguchi Yukio, Co-director of CNIC, draws the conclusion that a large area of land cannot be inhabitated in the coming 300 years.

Fukushima now, part 2 Current state of post-accident operations. Matsukubo Hajime writes about the current situation especially concerning the large amount of contaminated water

Fukushima Daiichi: contaminated water should not be dumped in the ocean and radioactive debris should not be removed without debate on the end state. Ban Hideyuki analyses the dismantling of the Fukushima site. What to do with the radioactive waste and with the large amount of contaminated water is still an unsolved issue.


Sustainable Investment in Doel 5, In Belgium a nuclear phase-out is planned in the next 4 years. All nuclear power plants should stop, the last one in 2025. Marc Alexander is active in the Belgian 11th march movement and wrote a book about the future of the Doel-site. Four nuclear power plants are still operating and the question is what plan to make for the future, Doel 5. Marc has a background in the trade unions and pays in his contribution attention to the employment of the people now working on the nuclear site.