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WISE has a yearly turnover of between € 175.000 and € 250.000, depending on the amount of campaigns and funded projects. Gifts to WISE are tax-deductable under Dutch law. In 2015 we worked with a budget of around € 175.000. About € 6000 goes to office rent, we have about € 10.000 on organizational costs and the rest is completely spent on activities (projects, campaigns, support for grassroots organizations, local activities, publications) contributing to our mission; a world without nuclear energy.

Incomes come largely from individuals who donate on a monthly base (65%) incidental gifts (10%), subscription incomes of the Nuclear Monitor (€10%), sales of materials (5%), project-related subsidies (10%). WISE rents office in a former school-building where more small NGO's are based. Too often we have seen colleague organizations getting into trouble because of their choice to rent a fancy office on a hot-spot. We get office furniture and equipment from richer colleague organizations or we buy second hand material. This is our recipe for our extreme low overhead- and organizational costs. We prefer to spend our money on our mission; a world without nuclear energy.

Help us do our work.