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International IPPNW Congress, Urania, Berlin, Germany. April 8 – 10, 2011

Nuclear Monitor Issue: 

Chernobyl: 25 Years After
Stop the Nuclear Timebomb – Abandon Nuclear Power Now!

25 years ago, the Chernobyl catastrophe changed the world. Millions of people were affected. 180,000 kilograms of highly radioactive material from inside the reactor were released into the air. The radioactive cloud did not stop at borders, it circled the world. Even now, the effects of the accident are still being suppressed.

Chernobyl opened our eyes to the dangers of nuclear technology. Nuclear energy kills. Not only when there is an accident but also all along the nuclear chain from uranium mining to nuclear waste. Even before one single kilowatt of electricity is produced, people are dying.

The technology required for nuclear energy also provides the wherewithal for the development of nuclear weapons. Thus, more reliance on nuclear energy increases the risk of proliferation and causes the number of states possessing nuclear weapons to grow.

Peace is dependent upon the abandonment of nuclear energy and converting to a decentralised system that supplies renewable energy – wars cannot be fought over the sun and the wind!

The Congress in Berlin aims to:

  • provide information on the effects of Chernobyl
  • analyse the risk potential of the nuclear chain
  • offer solutions for a world free from the nuclear threat
  • present possibilities for action.

You can get more information about the Congress, the speakers and how to register at:

We hope to see you in Berlin!