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Baltic Ecological Forum established

Nuclear Monitor Issue: 

(December 7, 1990) At a meeting held 16-17 November 1990 in Gdansk, Poland, the Baltic International Ecological Forum was established. The meeting declaration called for: dissolving of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and making 26 April an international day of commemoration for all radiation victims.

(343.3430) WISE Stockholm - The next meeting is planned for April 1991. The activities of the Forum will include: preparation of standard norms for environmental pollution (drinking water standards expected in February 1991); more efficient use of energy, including closing all nuclear power plants; exchange of information in English; and establishment of principals for mutual help. Projects already begun include: collection of reliable information on the Chernobyl disaster, planning of commemoration demonstrations for 26 April 1991 (fifth anniversary of the Chernobyl accident), publishing results of the first Forum meeting.

Source and contacts: The Peoples' Movement Against Nuclear Power (FMKK), Box 17 246, 104 62 Stockholm, tel: 46-8-423336
League for the Protection of Nature, 80-956 Gdansk, Na stoku 50, Poland.