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Nuclear Monitor Issue: 
Special: Uranium Special Edition

(362-3.editorial) WISE Amsterdam

(December 6, 1991) - In my opinion, globally as a whole, the commercial nuclear industry has an insecure future, except for waste management of course, where there are secure jobs for thousands of years to come.

Few new reactors are being built and those running will reach the end of their operating lifetimes within a couple of decades. The nuclear weapons industry is definitely going to be around for some time, as will the uranium mines, conversion, enrichment and reprocessing plants that supply it. However, many of these facilities must close once commercial reactors stop running. In contrast, the anti-nuclear movement, globally as a whole, has a secure future. The spirit of support for basic human rights, and resistance against destruction of the Earth is the basis of the anti-nuclear movement. This is not to say that I believe people against the nuclear industry are morally superior to people for the nuclear industry. But, I do believe there is a qualitative difference between the anti-nuclear and pro-nuclear movements. I do not say, "I'm better than thou." I just say, "I'm different than thou." I prefer a non-nuclear future. Now, having cleared that up, back to my point about security.

Both the wholes of the pro-nuclear and anti-nuclear movements are made up of many diverse parts that widely range in their likelihood of short-term survival. Both movements are weakening in one part of the world and strengthening in another. At the present time, the WISE News Communique is in a crisis situation. It's likelihood of survival is at an all-time low. The present situation will not and cannot continue. There is not enough money to pay an editor and volunteers are not knocking down the door.

The unfortunate reality is that the WISE News Communique is the only international newsletter specifically directed primarily towards the grassroots anti-nuclear movement. The News Communique functions as a news service and networking tool for grassroots activists all over the world. The importance of such a newsletter is clear. This is confirmed over and over again at almost every international event where anti-nuclear activists gather. The News Communiqueis important, but the international anti-nuclear movement is not dependent on it for survival. I for one will be very sorry to see the News Communique go. That is why I took on the unpaid job of editing this double issue. I did it not only to support the international anti-uranium movement, but also to keep the News Communique in print. A native English-language speaking editor is needed now, with a secure financial situation.


Guest Editor, Miles Goldstick