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"Gulliver" is at the printers!

Nuclear Monitor Issue: 
Special: Uranium Special Edition

(December 6, 1991) "The Gulliver File" must be one of the longest running publication sagas in the history of the anti-nuclear movement.

(362-3.gulliver) WISE Amsterdam -

First advertized in the early 1980's, it was intended to be a short, sharp, survey of uranium mining companies around the world. Thanks to the investment and efforts of many people -- and above all WISE-Glen Alpin in Australia -- it expanded into a 1,000 page critique of the world mining industry (though still with special reference to uranium).

Covering 673 companies - many in profuse detail - with thousands of references, and a vast comphrehensive index of 60 pages linking company to company, and company to country, "The File" is without doubt one of the most important critical works about mining of the century.

"Gulliver" will be available by 1 March 1992. Cost, not including postage, is 25 (about US$42) for bonafide movement groups and 150 (about US$252)to all others. For an order form contact the publisher: Minewatch, 218 Liverpool Road, London, N1 1LE, England. Tel. 44-71-609-1852. Fax: 44-71-700-6189.