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Nuclear Monitor Issue: 
Special: Environmental Racism and Nuclear Development


(March 28, 1993) published by the World Uranium Hearing Society (WUH) to up-date participants of the WUH held in Sept. 1992 of their further proceedings. It is also intended to address other organizations and individuals interested in the effects of uranium mining, nuclear weapons tests and nuclear waste storage on nature and mankind, with a focus on indigenous peoples, and in the making of a nuclear-free future. Contact: WUH, Schwanthalerstrasse 88, W-8000 München 2, FRG, tel: +49-89-532 687; fax: 532-88-55.

DOCUMENTATIONS OF THE WUH AVAILABLE. Print documentation testimonies and lectures will be available in English by early April. Versions in other languages (Russian, Spanish, French, German) will take more time and depend on funding. Costs: (deadline: July 15) is US$ 60 (DM 95); the regular price will be US$ 80 (DM 125) plus shipping costs. The docu-mentation is also available on diskette (DOS. Word 5.0). Video and Audio Documentation also available soon. Documentaries (approx. 1 hour, English) of each day of the Hearing including excerpts of all testimonies and all lectures will be available by summer. Audio tapes are available now. Contact: WUH, Schwanthalerstrasse 88, W-8000 München 2, FRG, tel: +49-89-532 687; fax: 532-88-55.

"INDIGENOUS ENVIRONMENTAL PERSPECTIVES; A North American Primer". A Discussion and series of case studies of North American Indigenous environment issues and a framework for discussion of sustainable development. Prepared for the UN Conference on the Environment and Development, and Protecting Mother Earth Conference, 1992. Order from: Indigenous Womens Network, PO Box 174, Lake Elmo MN 55042 USA; tel: +1-612-777-3629. Cost: US$ 6. (The Network also puts out a biannual magazine, "Indigenous Woman". Subscription rates: US$ 10 per year.)

PACIFIC NEWS BULLETIN, a monthly news bulletin published by the Pacific Concerns Resource Centre (PCRC) for the Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific Movement. News of the occupied Pacific from Aotearoa (New Zealand) to Fiji to 'French' Polynesia to West Papua to East Timor to the Hawaiian Islands. Subscription rates: in Australian dollars or US cash. Australia: individual: $12; NGOs: $15; institutions: $30. Pacific/Asia/Third World: indiv: $15; NGO's $20; instit: $30. N.America/Europe/Japan: indiv: $25; NGOs: $30; instit: $40. Send to: Pacific News Bulletin, PO Box 489, Petersham NSW 2049, Australia.

April 8-12, 1993: PEACE DEMONSTRATION AT NUR-RUNGAR (KOKATHA LAND), South Australia.Nurrungar is a US Star Wars base in South Australia. It is also on the traditional lands of the Kokatha people. The base is involved in "waging war against Third World countries to secure their resources for the US and its First World allies. It is a war base and a weapons develop-ment facility...Join us in the desert - Easter '93." Contact: Sydney Anti-Bases Action Committee, PO Box A899, Sydney South 2000, Australia; fax: +61-2-267-2726.

May 13, 1993: WESTERN SHOSHONE CALL FOR ACTION, Reno, Nevada, USA. The Western Shoshone are calling for a demonstration to support Western Shoshone sovereignty and the Dann family. After nearly two decades of legal battles with Western Shoshone ranchers Carrie and Mary Dann, the US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and local Nevada law enforce-ment initiated an armed, military-style invasion, with helicopters last November. The Western Shoshone are demanding that the US government participate in direct and meaningful negotiations with the Western Shoshone National Council, recog-nition of land rights, and an end to plans to roundup livestock at the Dann Ranch. Supporting organizations include the American Peace Test, American Indian Movement, Citizen Alert, among many others. Contact: Western Shoshone Defense Project, General Delivery, Crescent Valley NV 89821, USA; tel: +1-702-468-0230 (on May 13: +1-702-827-5511).

June 26 -July 4, 1993: NO-NUKES ASIA FORUM, Japan. Japan is involved in planning the commercial use of nuclear power in Asia, especially in South Korea, Taiwan and Indonesia. Residents from areas near power plants or from planned sites of nuclear power plants have been invited to Japan by the utility companies to expose them to "public acceptance." Engineers from the Asian region have also gone to Japan for "training". These public tactics strongly suggest the Japanese nuclear industry intends to hold onto leadership in the Asian nuclear market as industrialization leads to increased demand for electric power. This forum will include discussions and information exchanges on: how Japanese nuclear policy works in the present situation of Asia; how nuclear establishments cooperate in Asia; and what impact nuclear plants have on our lifestyles and on the economies of Asian communities. Contact: Organizing Committee for No-Nukes Asia Forum, c/o Tanpopo-sha, Nishi-Kanda Bldg. 4F, 2-7-4 Nishi-Kanda, Chiyodaku, Tokyo 101, Japan. Fax: +81-6-765-7415 (Osaka).

July 16 - August 9: PEOPLE UNITED FOR A NUCLEAR FREE WORLD, Belgium. International walk and camp initiated by the Belgium-based group For Mother Earth and the German group Atomteststop-kampagne. The walk will pass by the major nuclear facilities in the north of Belgium to call attention to the threat of the Nuclear Age we live in, and envision alternatives. It will start at Zeebrugge to mark the anniversary of the first Nuclear Test "Trinity", exploded on July 16, 1945 at Alamogordo, the ancestral land of Pueblo Indians in New Mexico (USA). The approxi-mately 450 km hike will end in Brussels August 5, the 30th anniversary of the Limited Test Ban Treaty in which the signers pledged to negotiate a Comprehensive Test Ban (CTB) as soon as possible: we are tired of waiting! An international camp will be set up to commemorate the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. Participants will direct non-violent actions towards the nuclear powers in support of a CTB and a nuclear free future. Contact: For Mother Earth, Zilverhof 19, 9000 Gent, Belgium; tel: +32-91/33.32.68; fax: 33.49.24.

Sept. 12-17: WOMEN OF COLOR CONFERENCE, Fiji. A global summit and conference hosted by the Global Women's Ministry, Auckland (NZ). Key themes include networking support, cross-cultural communi-cations, self-determination, political empowerment, economic development and independence.Contact: 1993 Conference for Women of Color, PO Box 57-043, Owairaka, Auckland, Aotearoa/NZ; fax: +64-9-623-4133