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Aboriginal leaders to oppose HLW project

Nuclear Monitor Issue: 

(December 3, 1993) Three aboriginal leaders from northern Saskatchewan issued a joint news release on Nov. 16 expressing their opposition to a High-Level nuclear waste project being studied by the Meadow Lake tribal council.

(403.3923) WISE Amsterdam - Rod Bishop (Mayor of Green Lake), George Smith (Councillor at Pinehouse), and Ed Benoanie (Band Councillor, Hatchet Lac Band, Wollaston Lake), linked their opposition to the struggle for Aboriginal rights and to support for renewable resource development.

This new controversy arrives on the heels of a major victory against uranium mining in Saskatchewan (see NC 400/1.3895). The three leaders also raise the possibility that the completion of the NAFTA agreement will increase movement of dangerous nuclear wastes of US origin into Canada.

Contact: Rod Bishop, tel. +1 (306) 832-2009, fax +1 (306) 832-2069.