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"1996 - Most successful anti-nuclear year of the 1990's"

Nuclear Monitor Issue: 

(December 13, 1996) The year 1996 has been quite an antinuclear one in Russia. Probably most antinuclear for all the years in the 1990s so far. Lots of successes of the antinuclear movement. movement. Looks like the antinuclear revolution is really going on.

(463.4608) Vladimir Sliviak -One of the reason is that many conflicts in the antinuclear movement in Russia were solved during 1995 and 1996. This was the reason why many groups in Russia and other parts of ex-USSR joined the ex-USSR antinuclear campaign (ANC) and were working together against the Soviet nuclear monster.

The year started with preparations for the 10th anniversary of Chernobyl. Actually, the ANC started this preparation as early as the spring of 1995, during the 9th anniversary of Chernobyl. By the spring of 1996, the ANC had organized the Chernobyl action day in ex-USSR. More than 50 local environmental groups took active part in this action day to commemorate Chernobyl and the direct action in Kiev/Ukraine when more than 20 activists were arrested.

In the summer, the ANC activists were campaigning against nuclear transit through the Kaliningrad harbor, Baltic Sea regional port of Russia. The two-week protests resulted in the prevention of the planned nuclear transit in August. The nuclear industry lost millions of dollars because of the protests. The local authorities closed down the Kaliningrad seaport for marine nuclear transit after the protests of environmentalists. ECODEFENSE! and the ex-USSR antinuclear campaign initiated the prosecutionþs investigation into the nuclear transit and the Baltic marine prosecutor said that such transit was illegal. That is, the antinuclear activists closed down the only seaport for international nuclear transit in Russia.

In August-September, the ANC organized lobbying and a fax-campaign against the start-up of the Rostov NPP in Rostov region, south of Russia. Together with other local environmental groups, the ANC activists prevented the start-up of the Rostov NPP.

The start of the new antinuclear campaign was scheduled for November. In the beginning of November, the ANC, together with SEU, ECODEFENSE! and the Chelyabinsk Movement for Nuclear Safety, sent out a request to all the environmentalists in ex-USSR to support the new antinuclear fax-campaign. It was then that the Russian parliament was reviewing the federal budget for 1997. Included in the budget were expenses for the construction of two nuclear power plants -- Mochovce in Slovakia and South Ural in Siberia. The ANC asked all the groups to send faxes to demand that parliament exclude "nuclear" money from the federal budget for 1997 as proposed by the government.

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