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Cernavoda-2 to be completed under new government?

Nuclear Monitor Issue: 

(December 13, 1996) Under communist Romanian president Nicolae Ceaucescu, the project of Cernavoda as an "independent nuclear power plant" (IPP), jointly built by the Romanian Electricity Authority Renel, Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. and Ansaldo of Italy was begun (see WISE News Communique 361.3570). Cernavoda-1, the first of five 680-MW Candu-6 reactors, started pre-commercial operation this summer, while the fate of the other partly completed units remains uncertain.

(463.4604) WISE Amsterdam -A total of U.S.$550 million has already been sunk in the construction of reactor 2, with an estimated investment of U.S.$720-730 million still necessary for completion. As early as 1993 there were plans and studies about going on with the construction, but the government of Ion Iliescu was hesitant between directly financing the project and the model of an externally financed IPP. In September, officials said a choice would have been made in favor of the IPP due to a lack of finances.

But on November 17, before the consortium was formed, Christian Democrat Emil Constantinescu was elected as the new Romanian president. It is expected that the market orientation of the new leader would continue his predecessor's policy on the issue.

Source: Nucleonics Week, 28 November 1996
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