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Mexico: Mothers protest against Laguna Verde Plant

Nuclear Monitor Issue: 

(January 24, 1997) Since the 1989 opening of the Mexican Laguna Verde nuclear power plant, the Veracruz Mothers' Anti-Nuclear Group protested every Saturday in the city of Xalapa, the state capital of Veracruz.

(465.4612) WISE-Amsterdam -On the main square they open parasols, unfurl banners and wait for their message to be heard. Claudia Gutierrez, founder of the organisation, pleads for an independent audit of technical, financial and administrative operations at the plant.

At this moment the plant management is under investigation after the radiology technician Bernardo Salas Mar complained in April about irregularities, abuse of authority and decisions that constitute a health risk. "It's a company that handles lots of money, and the truth is nobody keeps an eye on it," he said. There would be corruption, human error and negligence.

In response, the plant manager Fernandez said Salas Mar had been fired for cause. He is lazy, Fernandez said, and now wants to pour out his bitterness by attacking the plant.

The controversy led the Veracruz Mothers' Anti-Nuclear Group to demand a suspension of operations and an audit of the plant. But people who think Salas has changed his ideas on nuclear energy are wrong; he wants the plant to remain. He thinks that opposition to the plant can be defused by the public presentation of the audit results and corrective measures at the plant. But Salas wants to be reinstated at the Laguna Verde nuclear power station as soon as possible.

Source: UPI, 10 December 1996
Contact: Veracruz Mothers Anti-Nuclear Group, c/o Claudia Gutierrez de Vivanco, Mirlo 22 Frac. Las Animas, CP 91100, Xalapa Verarcruz, Mexico.