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Protest and repression in South Korea

Nuclear Monitor Issue: 

(July 25, 1997) "The hysteria of McCarthyism is leading to reckless manhunts in Korea."

(476.4726) WISE Amsterdam -This is what the environmental movement in South Korea thinks about the latest arrest of an anti-nuclear activist. Yang Won-young, staff member of the Anti-Nuclear Peace Team of the KFEM (Korean Federation of Environmental Movements), was arrested by the police at her home in the morning of July 10. She was an active part of the studentsþ environmental movement in college, and after graduating she joined KFEM in June this year. She is under investigation in the Anti-Communism Investigation Office in ChangAndong. No reason for her arrest has been given. The anti-communist hysteria is expected to plague activists until after the presidential elections later this year.

On July 11, 4,000 demonstrators gathered in front of the Wolseong nuclear power plant in Yangnam-myun, Naah-ri, to call for a halt on the plantþs operation. The protesters consisted of local villagers opposing the plant and members of KFEM. Corepresentatives of "People Against Wolseong Power Plant" urged the immediate cancellation of the plan to build four more nuclear power plants and the shutdown of the first two reactors at the site. They argued that "the government recognized the serious danger involved in nuclear power plants in its attempt to cover up the discovery that the epicenter of the earthquake that occurred in the early morning of June 26 was close to the Wolseong nuclear power plant".

Source: Green Energy News (South Korea), 15 July 1997
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