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U.S.: Siemens fighting for MOX

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(November 13, 1998) After the US Department of Energy (DOE) rejected Siemens' bid for a DOE contract to use MOX fuel in commercial reactors, the German company Siemens has filed a complaint to reverse the rejection.

(502.4954) WISE Amsterdam - A Siemens-led consortium was one of three that reacted in September on a so-called Request for Proposal (RFP) from the DOE on MOX use. A RFP requires at last three reactors to be available for MOX burning. The DOE rejected Siemensþ bid because the Siemens team only had one reactor, WNP-2, from the consortium's member Washington Public Power Supply System (WPPSS). After the Siemens group lost its member Entergy, it turned to Commonwealth Edison (Comed) which left the MOX program three days before the RFP period ended on September 15. [See WISE NC 501.4945 "COMED out of US. MOX Program")At the last moment, Siemens then begged the PECO nuclear utility, which has two reactors, to join the group so that the three-reactor requirement could be met. PECO gave a "commitment letter" to Siemens, but the DOE did not accept this as sufficient. Siemens then filed a complaint on October 25 to the DOE to reverse the decision.
The Siemens proposal to the DOE still mentioned nuclear reactors from Comed. PECO has already become a member of the second, BNFL- led group in August. The third consortium is led by Duke Engineering & Services, Cogema Inc. and Stone & Webster and has two nuclear utilities as members, Duke Power and Virginia Power.


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