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#534 - September 15, 2000

Nuclear Monitor Issue: 
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To all readers.

(September 15, 2000) As you may have noticed I'm no longer the editor of the WISE News Communique. After 6 years of editing and more than 10 years working on the NC I am rethinking my priorities in the anti nuclear struggle and will contribute to it on a different level. This, however, does not exclude future contributions to the NC again. I will, after all, it is an important tool, but the when and the how I do not know yet.
By this way, I want to thank everybody for co-operating with me in making the News Communique happen over the past years.
Dirk Bannink

For six years Dirk did the excellent and arduous job of editor of the News Communique. To produce twenty issues a year, facing a deadline again and again, is not an easy job. With the arrival of Stuart Field as the new editor, we want also to thank Dirk for having done his job of editor. We really appreciate the work you have done! Thanks!
WISE staff: Robert Jan van den Berg, Joop Boer, Erik Faijer, Stuart Field, Peter Kodde, Peer de Rijk, Myrthe Verweij

When I was awarded a university scholarship by the British power generator CEGB in 1983, I did not realize that the prize included light radioactive contamination. A few weeks of working in the nuclear industry were enough for me to become opposed to it and join the "alternative" movement. Since then I have been involved in organic farming, social banking and the co-operative movement in Britain and the Netherlands. I have joined WISE because I feel that an accurate and reliable source of information for anti-nuclear campaigners is essential. My work as the new editor started 2 weeks ago. This News Communique is the first one I have prepared, and I am looking forward to having plenty of contact with our readers.
Stuart Field

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