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#537 - November, 2000 - Booklet: Nuclear Energy a dead end

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Booklet: Nuclear Energy a dead end
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Dear subscribers,



Here is a somewhat different mailing than you usually get with our News Communique. First is the (electronic version of) the booklet "Nuclear energy - a dead end", [German version available Atomenergie - eine Sackgasse] which is a joint publication of WISE and NIRS. It was written for distribution to participants and activists at the Climate Conference COP6 taking place in The Hague (13 to 24 November). The booklet forms issue 537 of the News Communique (article code 537.5215) [German version here 537.5215de. Please let us know if you would like more (paper) copies. The booklets are free; you only need to pay the costs of mailing.



Next to this booklet is our News Communique 538, which is somewhat shorter than normal. In this issue you can find an article on the Climate Conference, news about Chernobyl/K2R4and the latest from Taiwan, where cancellation of the construction of the fourth nuclear power plant has precipitated a political crisis.

Here you can also find the publication "Coming clean; How clean is nuclear energy?", by the GroenLinks party in the European Parliament.
It too is dedicated to the discussion on climate change and the role of nuclear in it. WISE was asked to write the foreword and so received also paper copies to send to our readers. If you wish to receive a paper copy, let us know.

Hope you enjoy reading the materials sent and let's hope for a good and non-nuclear outcome of the Climate Conference.


Stuart Field