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#591 - August 22, 2003

Nuclear Monitor Issue: 
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25 Years ago

Due to circumstances we have no "25 Years Ago" in this issue. We will certainly write one for our next issue!

Oops! In issue 589 ("25 years ago") we wrote that a referendum on nuclear energy in Austria took place on 9 November 1978. This must be 5 November 1978. The "few" research reactors mentioned in the article are one 10 MW reactor at the Austrian Nuclear Research Centre at Seibersdorf (presently shut down) and two 1 MW reactors at universities. The 1997 "anti-nuclear package" was in content different from the later adopted "Constitutional Law for a Nuclear-Free Austria" of 1999. The scope of the former was much larger than the eventually adopted Law. Information from PLAGE, 19 August 2003.


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