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#639 - December 9, 2005

Nuclear Monitor Issue: 
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Under the heading "Good and bad news from the European Parliament", the short piece sub-headed "Support for nukes post-Kyoto?" in our last issue (#638) contained several errors and incorrect assessments that we would now like to correct.

Firstly, Anders Wijkman MEP belongs to the Christian Democratic Party (Conservatives) and not to the Liberal Party.

Secondly, while Mr. Wijkman was indeed nominated for Parliament Magazine's MEP Awards 2005 in the environment category, the award he actually won was for Achiever of the Year.

Thirdly, it was wrong to suggest that Mr. Wijkman is an avid promoter of nuclear energy who would seek to forward such views at the COP negotiations in Montreal. Anders Wijkman has in fact supported several anti nuclear votes in the EU parliament and has stated (in the October 17 edition of Parliament Magazine) that, given the alternative technologies available, he could not argue for the major expansion of nuclear capacity in order to reduce carbon emissions. However, he also stated in the article that the nuclear option should be kept open and that research continues into improving safety and solving the problem of nuclear waste disposal.

Finally, we would like to apologise to Michel Raquet who was not the source of any of the misleading comments made in the article and who is at complete odds with the judgements made therein.