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#715 - September 3, 2010

Nuclear Monitor Issue: 
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Uranium: A blessing or a curse?
Pan-African trainingsweek in Tanzania, in November

Africa is the next frontier to meet energy needs. Oil and gas are being exploited as never before, exacerbating conflict in many African nations. At the same time, renewed demand for uranium is being explored on the continent more than at any other time in history. Yet the continent’s huge potential for truly renewable energy is not fully being realized.

In the past years WISE has been approached by many civil society groups in different African nations to help develop networks, materials and (ways to develop) strategic campaigning plans and, in general, start helping the ngo’s in their efforts to counter the pro-mining agenda. After several successful meetings and trainings in different countries and with different audiences and groups involved, we now have the opportunity to organize a truly Pan-African week for real in-depth trainings and networking/capacity development.

The training will take place in Tanzania, very close to the capital, at the coast. In seven days (November 20 – 27) a group of 30 representatives from 12 different African countries will learn, exchange and practice. Presentations will be given by different experts from Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA, all with a clear aim to educate and learn. The week of training is free for the invited participants from the 12 African countries but is in principal also open for interested activists and campaigners from non-African countries. The costs are 700 euros (plus of course your ticket to Tanzania)

Would you be interested to take part in this unique week, to learn, exchange and get to know the African struggle for environmental justice; contact WISE for more details on the program.