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The Smiling Sun - a powerful tool for our work

Nuclear Monitor Issue: 

These have been busy days for all those who oppose nuclear power…….the devastating accident in Japan has once more made clear that we need to make a switch, as soon as possible, to clean, endless and affordable energy. Everyone has increased his or her campaign efforts, now is the time! And with results. Plants are being closed and plans for new-build are postponed or even made history. 

In dozens of countries the so-called smiling sun logo (Nuclear power? No thanks) is being used in all kinds of campaigning materials.  The powerful and well-known logo, as designed in Denmark  in 1975, very quickly spread all over the globe and can be seen in dozens of countries, in the streets, in offices, on T-shirts and banners.

The revenues of sales were, in the first 6 years, enough to finance WISE, the World Information Service on Energy, the global network of hubs serving as support and information offices for (grassroots oriented) antinuclear groups.

The logo is so powerful that over the past decades it has been abused in many ways for commercial purposes, or even pro-nuclear campaigns, but also to sell cars, jewelry, houses, clothes et cetera. WISE has the legal rights to produce material with the logo; currently we have in our shop material in 35 languages (see

We want to increase the usage of the logo. It has always been exciting to see the logo pop up in so many places all over the globe. We want to make an offer. As said, WISE is also a shipping- and distribution center for the material. We have badges (buttons), stickers and T-shirts and can easily make other material if needed. You can make bulk-orders and re-sell the material in your own country with some profit for your group. See the overview of related costs.

item                                        1-49                50-999                        1000 and more

Stickers 12 cm.                       1 euro              50 eurocent                 35 eurocent    

Stickers 32 cm.                       3 euro              2 euro                         1 euro

Stickers 45 cm.                       5 euro              3,5 euro                      2,5 euro

Badges (Buttons)                   1 euro              50 eurocent                 35 eurocent

Organic cotton T-shirts          15                    12                               10                  

+ shipping costs

You can always contact us for further questions, proposals and details. 
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