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Nuclear Monitor #820 - 16 March 2016

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In this issue of the Monitor:

  • A call-out for support from Aboriginal Traditional Owners in Australia facing the imposition of an international high-level nuclear waste dump on their homelands.
  • We summarize some commentaries on the Fukushima anniversary, as well as a 2007 article on the profound corruption in Japan's nuclear industry.
  • We summarize a report by Kendra Ulrich from Greenpeace Japan on radioactive contamination the Fukushima disaster.
  • Mary Olsen from the Nuclear Information & Resource Service writes about her experiences meeting woman dealing with long-term evacuation from the Fukushima exclusion zone.
  • We summarize a report by radiation biologist Dr Ian Fairlie about the health impacts of the Fukushima disaster.
  • We summarize two new studies which analyze the safety of nuclear power by looking at the historical accident rate and severity, and a report on the inadequacy of post-Fukushima safety upgrades in the United States.

The Nuclear News section has reports on the failure to prosecute a Rio Tinto subsidiary for a massive radioactive spill at the Ranger uranium mine in Australia; a great online resource called 'Mapped' with information on every power reactor that has ever operated; Switzerland's nuclear phase-out will begin sooner than expected; and information on an upcoming nuclear energy conference in Prague.

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