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Nuclear Monitor #825 - 15 June 2016

Nuclear Monitor Issue: 
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To read this issue of the Nuclear Monitor, use the article links below (in orange), or to download the full issue as a PDF use the link above.

In this issue of the Monitor:

  • Charly Hultén from WISE Sweden writes about the incoherent new energy policy agreed to by major political parties.
  • Prerna Gupta and Kumar Sundaram discuss a fatal uranium mine accident in India and put the accident in context.
  • We summarize three reports on the strong growth of renewable energy sources (and the stagnation of nuclear power).
  • We discuss the latest attempts to impose radioactive waste dumps on the homelands of Australia's Aboriginal people.

The Nuclear News section has reports on the aging of nuclear power plants; Dutch MPs urging the closure of Belgian nuclear plants; and the U.S. EPA's proposed huge increase in radioactivity allowed in drinking water.