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Nuclear Monitor #859 - 15 March 2018

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Clarity, secrecy and fake news around ruthenium-106 measurements: Jan Haverkamp discusses a mysterious radioactive release last year. Despite Russia's denials, the likely source was a botched attempt to produce cerium-144 from spent nuclear fuel at the Mayak complex in the Southern Urals, resulting in emissions of ruthenium-oxide crystals into the atmosphere.

Fukushima Fallout ‒ Updates from JapanThe seventh anniversary of the Fukushima disaster has just passed and we look at some of the unresolved issues including the plight of evacuees, the ongoing build-up of contaminated water at the reactor site, and dozens of lawsuits and injunctions making their way through Japan's judicial system.

Fusion scientist debunks ITER test reactor: Fusion scientist Dr Daniel Jassby offers a critical assessment of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) under construction in Cadarache, France.

Before the US approves new uranium mining, consider its toxic legacy: Stephanie Malin from Colorado State University warns against efforts to expand uranium mining in the US. "In my view, there is little evidence that new uranium production would be more reliably regulated or economically stable today than in the past. Instead, I expect that the industry will continue to privatize profits as the public absorbs and subsidizes its risks."

Looking back, looking forward: Nuclear Monitor #2 ‒ July 1978: With Nuclear Monitor and the two organizations that produce it all celebrating our 40th birthday, we continue our look back at early issues of the Monitor. The repressiveness of the nuclear-state was a theme of issue #2 in July 1978.

Nuclear News

‒ Anti-nuclear Summer Camp near Narbonne, France, August 6-12

‒ Is a decarbonized electricity system with a mix of renewables and nuclear reasonable?

‒ India planning uranium production increase

‒ Turkey's first nuclear power plant delayed

‒ US weakens nuclear plant security standards