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Nuclear Monitor #896 - 11 September 2021

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Foreign radioactive waste treatment in Jaslovske Bohunice.
The case studies on Slovakia and Russia (next article) in this Nuclear Monitor are part of a larger report on radioactive waste and transparency, currently under preparation for the Euratom EURAD programme by Nuclear Transparency Watch. The full report is expected to be published in October 2021.
The case study on Slovakia is written by Michal Daniska.

No corrupt nuclear bailouts in American Jobs and Families Plan.
The Biden administration presented a national plan in which there is $ 50 billion available to bailout the existing nuclear sector. NIRS analyzes who benefits from this plan. Depleted Uranium exports to Russia, a case of lack 10
of transparency and research.
Jan Haverkamp, senior nuclear energy expert at Greenpeace NL and WISE NL, writes about the exports of depleted Uranium to Russia. In this country the radioactive material is stored in the open air. Also this article is part of the report of Nuclear Transparency Watch.

Nuclear News
In the last month no Construction starts, no new NPP’s to grid and no closures