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Nuclear Monitor #899 - 14 Maart 2022

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Nuclear and radiation safety threats created by Russian invasion in Ukraine.
A first hand report from staff-members of Ecoaction, a leading environmental NGO in Ukraine, based in Kyiv but operating nationally
By Oleg Savitskyi, Olexi Pasiuk and Oksana Ananyeva

The vulnerability of nuclear plants during military conflict, Lessons from Fukushima Daiichi Focus on Zaporizhzhia.
Ukraine 2 March 2022 Briefing - Greenpeace International
By Jan van de Putte (radiation protection advisor & nuclear campaigner for Greenpeace East Asia & Greenpeace Belgium) and Shaun Burnie (senior nuclear specialist, Greenpeace East Asia)

Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant attack, Greenpeace Update 2
By Shaun Burnie (senior nuclear specialist, Greenpeace East Asia)

Nuclear News
Construction start : China, Tianwan-8
New to grid: Pakistan, Karachi-3