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Nuclear Monitor #900 - 4 May 2022

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Nuclear waste in Slovenia
The nuclear situation in Slovenia is complicated. The Krsko NPP is producing electricity on Slovenian territory, but half-owned by Croatia. Where is the nuclear waste going? In this article Matjaz Valencic writes about the delicate political situation. Not taken into account was the fact that last week a green party won the elections in Slovenia, most likely resulting in a ban on further nuclear development.
By Matjaž Valenčič, B.Sc., independent energy expert.

Energy transition without Gazprom and without new nuclear capacity
The energy transition in Bulgaria must lead to rapid and adequate structural reforms in the energy sector, leading to energy independence. That means no new NPP.
By Todor Todorov, staff member of Za Zemiata, Friends of the Earth Bulgaria.

No complete nuclear exit after all in Belgium?
The Belgian government has decided to keep the two least old nuclear reactors open longer. The war in Ukraine and the dependence on Russian gas are used as an alibi. Two new gas-fired power stations are planned at the same time. 1.2 Billion euro is also provided for renewable energy. This cocktail of conflicting elements is not a safe guarantee of a future with sustainable energy.
By March 11 movement, Belgium

Nuclear News
New to grid: Finland, Olkiluoto

Anti-Nuclear new
Turkey, petition to stop building Akkuyu NPP, with main contractor Rosatom