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Nuclear Monitor #901 - July 2022

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The Boris Johnson Nuclear Programme
At the beginning of May, the government of Prime Minister Johnson announced a plan to invest heavily in new nuclear power plants. According to the British government, there should be one new nuclear reactor added to grid every year in the UK. The plan, presented as a response to be less dependent on Russian energy is completely infeasible.
By Steve Thomas Emeritus professor of Energy Policy at the University of Greenwich

Nuclear energy, global warming and salt domes
Salt domes in the north of the Netherlands can be used for storage of energy, such as hydrogen or compressed air. But then the planned storage of nuclear waste in these salt domes has to be stopped.
By Herman Damveld, independent publisher on energy

Still lack of public participation on environment at Netherlands nuclear plant Borssele
The Dutch government last month reacted on a complaint from the Dutch NGO’s WISE, LAKA and Greenpeace under the Aarhus Convention. There had been no public participation on the environment before the last two license changes of the Borssele nuclear power plant in the Netherlands.
By Jan Haverkamp

Nuclear News
Construction starts; China, Xudabu-4
New to grid; China, Hongyanhe-6
South Korea, Shin Hanul 1
Closures: US, Palisades

Anti-Nuclear news
Germany, Towards the Atomausstieg – the future is renewable! Protest
cycletour to celebrate the upcoming farewell of nuclear energy in German