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Nuclear Monitor #904 - 30 December 2022

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Guinea pig nation, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission seeks greatly reduced safety regulations for “advanced” nuclear power plants.
How the NRC’s new licensing rules could turn communities into test beds for risky, experimental nuclear plants, is what physicist Dr. Edwin Lyman, Director of Nuclear Power Safety with the Union of Concerned Scientists, titled a presentation in November 2022. Karl Grossman reports.

Dutch Advertising Authority slams claims made by Borssele Nuclear Power Plant about ‘recycling’ of nuclear waste as misleading.
EPZ, the operator of the Dutch Borssele nuclear power plant, has long claimed that it recycles “95 percent” of its nuclear fuel, and that only “5 percent” remains as nuclear waste. Following a complaint by Dutch NGO Laka, the Board of Appeals of the Dutch Advertising Authority, ruled that these are misleading environmental advertisement claims.

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World Nuclear Power Status as of dec 2022

Anti-Nuclear news
US: Speak Out! Tell Congress: No Funds or Authorization for Illegal Nuclear Waste Dumps In the US, NIRS started a petition.
Laka’s online poster collection Browse through thousands of posters from the worldwide movement against nuclear power. Nearly all political movements, certainly in the past, when internet was not around yet, used posters to tell their message and call for action. Dutch NGO Laka collected thousands of these in a unique online (and offline) collection.