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Nuclear Monitor #905 - 24 March 2023

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Nuclear is flatlining, no clear future for nuclear energy.
Jim Green, anti-nuclear campaigner for FoE Australia explains the worldwide development of nuclear energy. Nuclear power remains stagnant and only an acceleration of China’s nuclear program will save the industry from a global death spiral. Meanwhile, the growth of renewables is being turbocharged as countries seek to strengthen energy security. His article was recently published in the Ecologist,

Small Modular Reactors, the last-chance saloon for the nuclear industry.
Prof Steve Thomas, Greenwich University, critically assesses the current enthusiasm for Small Modular Reactors in the UK and elsewhere. Will they help in the struggle against climate change, or will they sound the death knell for nuclear fission in the power sector? The Article was originally published in Responsible Science journal, no.5, March 2023, Scientists for Global Responsibility,

For European nuclear safety Russia must withdraw its military and ROSATOM personnel from Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.
Greenpeace demands: sanction ROSATOM and ‘War Stress Tests’ required all of European nuclear power plants.

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Increased cardiovascular disease risk after exposure to low dose radiation, Article in British Medical Journal, March 2023

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