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Nuclear Monitor #906 - 26 April 2023

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Former Nuclear Officials: New Reactors Not The Answer.
The former heads of nuclear power regulation in the U.S., Germany, and France, along with the former secretary to the UK’s government radiation protection committee, have issued a joint statement that in part says, “Nuclear is just not part of any feasible strategy that could counter climate change.” This article was also published on Jan. 25th 2022 on

Opinion: Nearly a year of Nuclear ping-pong gives little confidence in a safe outcome.
Almut Bonhage, energy expert at ‘Bond Beter Leefmilieu’, and Mathieu Soete, energy expert at Greenpeace Belgium wrote an opinion piece on the Belgian nuclear policy.

Plans for expanding nuclear power plants lack technological and economic foundations.
Alexander Wimmers, Fanny Böse, Claudia Kemfert, Björn Steigerwald, Christian von Hirschhausen, and Jens Weibezahn from the German Institute for Economic Research investigated the profitability and technological feasibility of reactor concepts worldwide amongst others. Published in the weekly DIW report on