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Nuclear Monitor #908 - 28 July 2023

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Uranium as an energy source: medium to long term prospects.

In an extensive article, Storm van Leeuwen and Pillet explain that the future for Uranium-235 is becoming increasingly difficult. Exhaustion of resources leads to negative net-energy, a so-called energy cliff. The solution to switch to Uranium-238 is not likely in the nearby future.
By J.W. Storm van Leeuwen and D. Pillet, this article was first published in the magazine Responsabilité & Environnement on July 2023.

Diversion from urgent climate action: How the European nuclear lobby undermines the EU’s energy future
In the Netherlands and in the rest of Europe, a fierce debate is currently taking place about the demand for more nuclear energy. Just five years ago, this attention barely existed. Jan Haverkamp looks at the sudden wave of attention for nuclear energy and tries to understand the role of different actors on the nuclear lobby side. In this first part of a diptych, he looks at the nuclear lobby in the Netherlands, which has changed from an almost nuclear phase-out country into a country where the expansion of nuclear energy is currently being prepared.
By Jan Haverkamp (Greenpeace/WISE)
The first part is published in this edition of the Nuclear Monitor. The second part will be published in the next edition.
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