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Nuclear Monitor #909 - 19 October 2023

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The Discharge of Fukushima’s Radioactive Water Could be a Precedent for Similar Actions
Pınar Demircan wrote an analysis on Japans’policy of discharging nuclear wastewater and how it can be a precedent for more. This article was originally published in a shortened version by the Yesil Gazette of Turkey.

Diversion from urgent climate action: How the European nuclear lobby undermines the EU’s energy future
In this edition of the Nuclear Monitor, the second and final part of the lobby paper is published. This includes his analysis of the nuclear lobby in the European Union and the overall conclusions of his research.
By Jan Haverkamp (Greenpeace/WISE): Part 2, The European Union and conclusions.

The first part was published in the previous edition of the Nuclear Monitor. The full article is also available via:

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