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Nuclear Monitor #910 1 December 2023

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Nuclear energy in 2023, some facts
Jan Willem Storm van Leeuwen, independent researcher from the Netherlands, outlines in this article some developments in the nuclear world over the past 2023.

World Energy Outlook 2023, Nuclear overestimations are structural
An important criticism of the World Energy Outlook has been that the IEA systematically underestimatesthe development of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy. On the other hand, it systematically overestimates the role and development of nuclear energy.
In this article Jan Haverkamp, campaigner for Greenpeace and WISE zooms in on this overestimation of nuclear power.

Unsuitable anchor bolts at ageing nuclear power plants in South Korea
An earthquake in South Korea could result in cracks in the containment building due to the use of non-seismic-certified anchor bolts and result in radioactivity leaks or even a nuclear power plant accident , according to a new Greenpeace Asia report.

Nuclear News
• Update World Nuclear Industry Status Report
• Investing in nuclear energy is bad for the climate
• Flagship project NuScale terminated