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Nuclear Monitor #913 29 February 2024

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Climate Diversion: the bad choice of the nuclear revival
Jan Haverkamp
Since the Aarhus and the Espoo Conventions became valid, they have played a crucial role in increasing transparency in the nuclear industry. What has 20 years of Espoo and Aarhus brought?

Urenco is back in business with Russia – despite of war in Ukraine
International NGOs reject uranium deliveries from Russia to Almelo, Last week, the Dutch nuclear authority ANVS authorized the transport of up to six shipments of fissile enriched uranium from Russia to Urenco in Almelo.

Will nuclear energy make a comeback in Germany?
Germany phased out nuclear energy nearly a year ago, The last reactor was shut down in March 2023. But even with the multi-billion euro problem of how to store radioactive waste, some politicians are calling for new nuclear plants to be built.

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