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Nuclear Monitor #914 29 March 2024

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The cost of “new era” nuclear: the unbearable lightness of EDF
By Greenpeace France. In 2007, the EDF Energy Chief Executive claimed that by Christmas 2017 British turkeys would be cooked using “new era” nuclear energy. The first high-density concrete for the first EPR unit was finally poured in December 2018 at Hinkley Point C and commissioning of the reactors pushed back to 2030.

Myth Buster: Nuclear energy is a dangerous distraction
By CAN Europe. Recently Climate Action Network Europe finished a position paper on nuclear energy. Because it contains a good summary of the most important objections to nuclear energy, the Nuclear Monitor prints the paper in its entirety.

Protest against nuclear waste dump upriver Canada’s capital
By Jan van Evert. Environmental groups and Indigenous chiefs pressed the Canadian government on February 14th to overturn regulatory approval for a nuclear waste dump upriver from Canada's capital.

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