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Nuclear Monitor #915 26 April 2024

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UK Plans for Small and Advanced Modular Reactors
By Pete Roche; Editor of website
In January, the UK Government published its Civil Nuclear Roadmap which supposedly sets out how it will increase nuclear generation by up to four times to 24 gigawatts (GW) by 2050. The plans include next steps for exploring a large-scale power plan, but also includes a key role for Small Modular Reactors (SMRs).

Phasing out nuclear power in Europe is possible
By Jan van Evert; The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) has published the report ‘Nuclear Phase-out’ demonstrating that phasing out nuclear power alongside fossil fuels is feasible. It is even compatible with climate targets as the EU accelerates the deployment of renewables and energy savings.

Q&A - Germany’s nuclear exit: One year after
Benjamin Wehrmann; Clean Energy Wire (Germany) wrote an article in response to the fact that the last nuclear power stations in Germany were closed a year ago. This article was first published on Clean Energy Wire.

Earthquakes appear a bigger threat to nuclear power plants
By Jan van Evert; On January 1, a severe earthquake occurred on the Noto Peninsula on the northern side of central Honshu, Japan. In addition to problems that directly affect the safety of nuclear power plants, it also appears that the checkpoints installed by the local government as a control system in the event of an accident did not work and evacuation routes collapsed.

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