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EKOenergy is a not-for-profit environmental organization and the world's only international ecolabel for electricity. When you buy electricity with this label, you not only get renewable electricity, but you also help make a difference. WISE is one of the 45 members of EKOenergy.

EKOenergy is an international network of environmental organisations and the world's only international ecolabel for electricity. They promote the use of sustainable electricity, therefore only electricity from renewable sources can be sold as EKOenergy. But just being renewable is not enough, EKOenergy wants to do something extra to contribute to the protection of nature. That’s why electricity sold by EKOenergy also fulfils additional sustainability requirements set by the EKOenergy Network and a small part of the price is donated to their Climate Fund to invest in new renewable energy projects all over the world.

Many of the organisations behind EKOenergy have been actively involved in anti-nuclear campaigns. Think of members as WISE and the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation. To some extent, the EKOenergy logo has been inspired by WISE’s ‘Nuclear power? No thanks!’ campaign, and the “EKOenergy, yes please” campaign was a logical and constructive sequel to that. With the EKOenergy logo they give people a clear and understandable way to easily show their commitment to a 100% renewable and sustainable world.

EKOenergy is growing rapidly and is active in many different countries all over and even outside of Europe. Here are some examples of how companies and people are using the EKOenergy logo in their communication.


Apart from showing their own commitment, the users of the logo also invite others to make the switch to renewable energy. And last but not least, the use of the EKOenergy logo by an increasing group of well known and respected companies is a strong moral support for our international network and encourages to move on in countries where renewables are less common.

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