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Tout nucléaire: Une exception française

Nuclear Monitor Issue: 

(December 19, 1997) In November a new book was published: "Tout nucléaire: une exception française" (Everything nuclear: a French exception). It is written by Perline and published (in French) by Edition Dagorno, collection l'esprit frappeur; 112 pages; 10 French Francs plus postage.

(483/4.4797) Perline -Yesterday we said: "Inactive today, radioactive tomorrow." Yesterday Electricité de France said "Everything electrical, everything nuclear". Today one answers: "Chernobyl. And tomorrow?" Nowadays at the dawn of the 21th century our future energy use is being decided upon. The choice is simple: are we going to repeat the errors of the past, or will we realize that resources are limited, that the richness of our planet is unequally distributed and that we are contributing to the enlargement of the general destruction of our planet. Anyhow, our children will suffer from the consequences of our inconsistencies: pollution and radioactive waste.

The author, Perline, is a physical engineer, she graduated from the l'Ecole National supérieure des Mines de Paris, as a doctor of science. She is also an acknowledged antinuclear individual.

The book is published in a series called "L'esprit frappeur" (which means something like "the rapping spirit"), which wishes to awaken its readers through books which are tonic, sometimes provoking, however always corroborative and above all based on an ineradicable independence of spirit. The aim of these documents, essays or pamphlets is, if not to shock the established order, at least to call it into question by taking away the soporific and reassuring certainties by which our surrounding mediocrity tries to soothe us.

The price, 10 francs (about US$1.5) is low enough to reach a lot of people, without sacrificing quality. Perline and the publishers are looking for interested editors for translation into English and dissemination of the book.

Contact: You can order "Tout nucléaire: une exception française"at:
Perline, 2, rue Dupetit Thouars, 75003 Paris, France
Tel/Fax: +33-01-42702116