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Bure and the French nuclear waste dilemma

Nuclear Monitor Issue: 

(June 15, 2001) This issue of the News Communique gives special attention to Bure, the French site where a so-called "laboratory" is being built to "study" underground disposal of nuclear waste in clay, and where protestors are converging for a week-long protest camp in July.

(550.5282) WISE Amsterdam - Dick Cheney recently claimed that the French had solved the nuclear waste problem "very successfully and safely in an environmentally sound, sane manner" (seeWISE News Communique 548.5273, "US: ten nuclear lies"). France is, in fact, far from solving its problems of nuclear waste, as we hope to make clear in this News Communique, where four articles are dedicated to the subject.

Particular emphasis is given to Bure, the site in eastern France where protests continue against the "laboratory" that is being built to "study" underground disposal of nuclear waste in clay.

One article describes the protest camps at Bure, another gives a history of nuclear waste in France. A further article describes geological problems at Bure and the attempts to cover them up. The last article on the theme covers the criticism of current French waste policy by the author of the 1991 law on which it is based. Other nuclear news and stories follow these articles.

Source and contact: WISE Amsterdam