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Posters from the anti-nuclear struggle

Nuclear Monitor Issue: 
WISE Amsterdam

For one of the coming issues of the Nuclear Monitor, WISE Amsterdam is looking for posters produced by the anti-nuclear movement in different countries.

Since we are sharing office with the Laka Foundation, the Dutch documentation and research center on nuclear power, WISE has already access to a large collection of anti-nuclear posters, but naturally the main focus of this collection is on the movement in Western-Europe (or actually, France, Germany and Netherlands). Sharing office with Laka is of great help in producing the Nuclear Monitor 20 times a year, not only as an enormous resource for (background) information but also for help with writing and production of the magazine.

WISE is very interested in obtaining (either on paper or digitally) posters from local campaigns and struggles in non-West-European regions; it doesn't matter if it is a call for a local demonstration or part of a large international campaign; if it's 30 years old or if it happened only yesterday; if it is in Chinese, Japanese, Ukrainian or Portuguese.

If you are in the possession of posters and want to donate them to us, that would be great (also if you do happen to live in Western-Europe, of course). If cost of shipping is a problem, please contact us. If you send them digitally, make sure that the image has a high resolution which makes it possible to print (300 dpi or more).

To see a small part of the Laka-collection of anti-nuclear posters, please visit: