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Stop Nuclear Power - Join the Baltic Sea info tour

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The Baltic Sea Info Tour will inform about nuclear power and its risks as well as about the renewable alternatives. The Tour group will travel around the Baltic Sea in summer 2010, informing and emancipating young people and calling citizens of all ages to raise awareness of the challenges of nuclear industry and current development surrounding the Baltic Sea area.

The Baltic Sea Info Tour is arranged by different groups, organisations and individuals who share the concern of radioactive pollution. The Tour topics will be arranged by local people. Everyone can take part and join the Tour by informing, arranging local action, joining the network meetings, spreading information about nuclear issues or just showing up in the events. Every step counts!

The Baltic Sea is one of the most radioactively polluted sea compared to other water bodies in the world. This has happened mainly because of the radioactive releases of nuclear power plants in the Baltic Sea area (mostly due Swedish and Finnish power plants), the radioactive particles distributed from the Tschernobyl accident, nuclear bomb tests in the atmosphere and Sellafield’s discharges.

Also the Russian and Lithuanian reactors increased the amount of radioactivity in the Baltic Sea. Additionally the proposed uranium mining projects and final disposal sites as well as nuclear transports are strengthening the risk of pollution for the vital sea between Finland, Russia, Baltic States, Poland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

Including the impacts of uranium mining, processing of the ore to produce nuclear fuel and the disposal of the created long-life nuclear waste, the operation of nuclear power plants has an immense impact to the global warming. Nuclear power is expensive and dangerous and the resources used in the nuclear industry would be more beneficial for present and future generations if spent in renewable energy systems.

The Info Tour has started as an action of concerned people of the Baltic Sea community. The tour will inform people about the facts of uranium energy and radioactive pollution of the Baltic Sea. The tour will activate and emancipate people to take part in the events of the local stops. The Tour will advance active courage both locally and in large social and ecological systems.

The tour is an informative event, dedicated to the Baltic Sea, embracing the communities surrounding the Baltic Sea. We want to discuss the challenges with people living across the Baltic Sea and to give more information about certain issues connected to radioactivity, nuclear power and renewable alternatives.

The Baltic Sea Info Tour will consist of different kinds of activities: street actions, information events, workshops, performances, discussions, local gatherings, spreading of flyers and posters. The Tour will include several stops in the Baltic Sea countries. It will start from Finland in June and end in Finland in August 2010 visiting: Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

Contact: Baltic Sea Info Tour.
Tel. +358 41 7243254