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#723 - February 25, 2011

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Oops! Mistake !

In Nuclear Monitor 722 (Austria: Referendum on Euratom membership) we stated that a referendum will take place in Austria late February/ early March. In fact we were wrong in the exact phrasing:

It is not a referendum that will be laid before the Austrian people for signing/voting from Feb 28 through Mar 7. For a referendum is a binding vote Parliament and the government have to abide by. Since the Austrian constitution does not allow others than the Parliament to launch a referendum, what is now coming up is a Volksbegehren (sometimes translated as popular or people's petition), which has to make 100.000 yes votes or more to be then put on the Parliament's agenda. In the present Volksbegehren, a referendum is demanded.

Furthermore, the Lisbon Treaty is in force since December 2009 (and not 2010 as mentioned).

Our apologizes for any inconvenience.