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Nuclear Monitor #796

Nuclear Monitor Issue: 
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In this issue of the Monitor:

  • We respond to an open letter by conservation scientists which urges environmentalists to rethink their opposition to nuclear power.
  • Anna Kireeva writes about problems with nuclear power and nuclear waste management in Russia.
  • We discuss the safety and security challenges associated with China's expanding nuclear power program.

The Nuclear News section has reports on the unreliability of aging reactors in the UK; the International Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Human Weapons; a hike in nuclear waste management fees in Sweden; the recent election in Greenland and the implications for uranium mining; and Washington's efforts to block international initiatives to strengthen nuclear safety standards.

Feel free to contact us if you have feedback on this issue of the Monitor, or if there are topics you would like to see covered in future issues. We'll be back in late January with the first issue for 2015.