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Nuclear Monitor #828 - 9 August 2016

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In this issue of the Monitor:

  • Pete Roche summarizes the latest developments with the Hinkley Point reactor project in the UK.
  • We report on the latest round of bad news for the uranium industry: the spot price fell to an 11-year low a couple of months ago, and it has fallen further since then.
  • We report on the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster ‒ the plight of evacuees, a controversy over proposals to 'recycle' contaminated waste, and also some good news: powerful business interests have turned against nuclear power and are now lobbying for policies to promote renewables.
  • Tim Judson from the Nuclear Information & Resource Service writes about plans to subsidize aging reactors in New York.
  • Nick Meynen writes about the outsourcing of uranium mining to "underpolluted" countries.