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Nuclear Monitor #877 - 25 June 2019

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'Away from reactor' spent fuel storage plan rekindles protests against Kudankulam nuclear plant in IndiaThe Indian government is planning an Away-From-Reactor storage facility for spent nuclear fuel from the reactors at the Kudankulam nuclear power plant. Kumar Sundaram argues that the plan comes as an unintended outcome of community protest against the nuclear project, in a weird turn of events that is itself symptomatic of deep-seated problems of India's nuclear sector.

Fallout from the HBO Chernobyl miniseriesHBO's miniseries Chernobyl has been watched by millions and is generating a huge amount of interest in the 1986 disaster. Much of the discussion has been thoughtful and intelligent. But the miniseries has also encouraged the nuclear industry and its lobbyists to trot out their tired old lies about the disaster, and the Russian pro-government TV channel NTV is producing a miniseries in which Russian counterintelligence agents are sent to Chernobyl to track down a CIA agent.

International Energy Agency promotes nuclear power, downplays renewablesThe International Energy Agency ‒ which advises 30 member countries, and describes itself as "the leading energy organisation covering all fuels and all technologies" ‒ has once again reinforced long-standing concerns about its pro-nuclear, anti-renewables bias.

Nuclear power exits Australia's energy debate, enters culture warsWith a dwindling number of exceptions, all of the support for nuclear power in Australia comes from the far-right of the political spectrum. Support for nuclear power has become a sign of tribal loyalty for the far-right, and they claim nuclear is cheap despite an abundance of contrary evidence. They are lobbying to have national legislation banning nuclear power plants repealed, but that seems unlikely.