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Nuclear Monitor #878 - 23 September 2019

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India's unyielding quest for uranium on a dangerous upswingSonali Huria, a PhD researcher whose work is focused on the people's movement in India against nuclear energy, writes about the battle to prevent uranium mining in the Nallamala forest.

Nuclear power, politics, and the odyssey of former US NRC chair Gregory JaczkoDr. John Perkins reviews the autobiography and career of former US Nuclear Regulatory chair Gregory Jaczko, and draws lessons for the anti-nuclear movement.

Big claims about small nuclear reactor costsCorporate cost estimates for small modular reactors do not stand up to scrutiny. Some corporate estimates have been reinvented as credible independent estimates. Other estimates are unrecognizable after they have been subject to creative accounting based on speculative learning rates ‒ unrecognizable and implausible.

South Korea's corrupt and dangerous nuclear industrySystemic corruption … cartel behavior … a secret military side-agreement to the UAE reactor contract … serious nuclear safety problems still evident in 2019 … plans to sell reactor technology to Saudi Arabia and thus to facilitate the Kingdom's weapons ambitions … what's not to like about South Korea's nuclear industry?