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Nuclear Monitor #885 - 25 May 2020

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Dutch court grants WISE access to data on radioactive emissions of Ru-106: Jan Haverkamp writes about the 2017 accident at the Mayak nuclear reprocessing plant in the Southern Urals of Russia. Without national and international transparency in nuclear incidents like this, he writes, citizens can never fully trust authorities. Yet to this day, Russia continues to deny that anything happened in Mayak.

The coronavirus pandemic's impacts on the energy sector: Renewables have been more resilient to lockdown measures than other energy sources. Nuclear power generation has declined as a result of the pandemic and the looming global recession spells deep trouble for the industry. The disruptions won't just hasten the downward trajectory: nuclear power is on the edge of the cliff and the latest problems could push it right over.

The coronavirus pandemic and the uranium industry: The uranium industry has been harder hit by the coronavirus pandemic than other sector of the nuclear fuel cycle. Major producers have sharply cut production.

Nuclear safety and the coronavirus pandemic: expert views: Excerpts from expert statements by Dr. Ed Lyman from the Union of Concerned Scientists, the International Nuclear Risk Assessment Group, and Victor Gilinsky and Henry Sokolski. The pandemic has increased the risk of nuclear accidents and reduced the capacity to effectively respond to accidents.

U.S.: 86 organizations call for immediate action on covid-19 nuclear risks: A letter from 86 organizations points to the failure of nuclear industry regulators to act in response to the pandemic. They call for an immediate, multi-agency, industry-wide response to protect nuclear workers and the rural and suburban communities where facilities are located, and to ensure nuclear safety is not compromised.

Covid-19: The pandemic of nuclear weapons: Ray Acheson from the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom notes that the money spent on nuclear weapons has directly impacted the resources available to deal with the covid-19 pandemic.